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(lame) robot sam: check, check, hello, thank you for being here, is this microphone functioning properly?, my name is sam, i do what I can, and when I am up here singing i like the...

Software Automatic Mouth: shut up, i say shut up, yield the mic to me fool, it is apparent you can't handle a duel, you probably feel cool hanging out with mr. roboto, 'come sail away' is probably your motto, and what is this babble about 'got my back'? you android want to be, your programming is whack, your vocal chip resembles the voice of a human, but you simply can't get the ladies like i can, pay attention as i articulate, so you say let's negotiate, try and set the record straight, yes i am bad, i am bad, i am bad, let me spell it out, i am bad.

(lame) robot sam: that is not fair, i am the real sam, that is not fair, i am the real sam, that is not fair, i am the real sam, that is not fair, i am the...

Software Automatic Mouth: your bits are on but i am the trend setter, the slobber from your port just makes the microphone wetter, quite an array of processors on your mother board, the last thing i will do is keep your mother bored, when i rhyme there simply is no time to prepare a defense, so get of the fence and admit to being a sucker, dig this funky kick t.groove and i am out, yes i am out.


from Stereophonic Hi​-​Fidelity Recording, released May 10, 2017
T.Groove - song creation
Eric Lamb - intro bass line
Dave Schall - recording engineer



all rights reserved


Timotheous Groove Durham, North Carolina

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